What is “The Dock”?

The Dock is a ministry at The Harbor for young adults and singles of all ages.

A dock sits within a harbor as the place ships tie up to, to load and unload, to give and receive. It is a physical place of connecting, tethering, and securing.

Just as a dock exists within a harbor, The Dock exists within The Harbor as a place where single men and women can gather and connect with one another, be encouraged, have fun, and pursue Christ together! Some of our gatherings will include a wide range of ages. Some will be divided by age with Dock Prime for those aged 40 and wiser and Dock Young Adults for those in their 20s and 30s.

Join us!

God has great purpose for us as men and women who are not married. He has a great calling on our lives! We desire to realize this great calling and become an integral part of His church at The Harbor. We invite YOU to come engage with us as we spend time together in:

  • Fellowship Gatherings
  • Compassion Serves
  • Weekly Small Groups 

Click here to tell us more about yourself and to stay informed about Fellowship Gatherings and Compassion Serves! 

The Dock small groups

Weekly Small Groups are the "bread and butter" of our spiritual formation within The Dock. We open God's Word together and share our lives with one another. Check out our Small Groups below.

Are you a young adult in your late-teen to early twenties? Check out The Well. This group meets on Sunday afternoons. 

Are you a young adult in your mid-20s or 30s? Come spend time with The Lighthouse on Tuesday evenings. 

Are you a single man or woman in your 40s and beyond? We have multiple groups that meet throughout the week. 

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wondering why such a ministry is needed?

Today, healthy venues for men and women to connect and feel a sense of belonging are hard to come by for single men and women. The world says we are ‘less-than’ if we are not with someone. But God says our value and identity are rooted in “whose we are” (Jesus), not who we are with. In the Church, surrounded by families, single men and women may feel out of place. Yet, we have the same needs and calling as those with spouses and families – to connect, belong, and pour lives out for Jesus.

In the Bay Area, approximately 45% of adults are not married. Yet, within most churches, less than 20% of the adults are unmarried. We are missing men and women, and we desire to provide an avenue for these men and women to connect with our church and to know and love Jesus Christ!

For any questions you have, please email Justin Baldwin at Justin.Baldwin@theharbor.life.

Would you like to serve?

When serving on a Dock Team, you are ultimately serving the Lord Jesus Christ! Click here to learn what is required of our volunteers and apply to serve.