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Being involved in a Small Group is one key way to know and become more like Jesus. When a small group Grows Up and Out, together that group will naturally experience a deep sense of community. We have many groups with space for YOU! We would love to help you find a group that fits. We encourage everyone to join a small group!


small group gathering

If you are interested in getting plugged into a Small Group at The Harbor this Fall and would like an opportunity to scope out what its all about in advance, please join us for the Small Group Gathering on August 20th at 12:15P in the Foundry on the third floor. It provides a great atmosphere for questions and answers from Small Group Leaders about Small Groups, differences, studies, demographics etc… No RSVP is required. We hope you’ll take a chance and join us for a preview!

18-24 small group meet & greet

If you are 18-24 and interested in getting connected in a small group, you are invited to a Meet & Greet Hangout on September 1st at Brett and Lori McDonald’s house. Join us at the meeting and hear more about this group, meet your peers and the Small Group Leaders. There will be food fellowship and games. For more information and to get an address please email Brett and Lori.


Our small groups make an intentional effort to grow up in our pursuit of becoming fully devoted followers of Jesus. We believe this happens by weekly engaging in the studying of Scripture and time in prayer together as a small group.



We believe that God has called each of us to live on mission, or grow out. That mission is clearly stated in Matthew 28:19-20 and Acts 1:8. In those verses we are called to go, share the good news of Jesus, and assist others as they grow in their devotion to Jesus. We believe this happens by actively sharing the good news of Jesus and by serving others with the desire and anticipation that we would get the opportunity to share the good news of Jesus with them.


Small Group Schedule

Meeting times may vary from small group to small group.


RightNow Media is an online Bible study library for anyone involved in a small group

Child Care

Reserve childcare for Tuesday night small group (Note: RSVP must be received by Tuesday at 5pm one week prior).

Serve Opportunities

If your small group is looking for a serve opportunity, and would love some help finding one, fill out the request form.

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