Our Support Groups Ministry provides a place where people can experience the presence and power of God to heal deep wounds, chart new directions, and find hope and healing.

In groups like these, many people have learned new and productive ways to think about their problems and opportunities. They have developed strong friendships with people who understand because, “they’ve been there”, and they find forgiveness, peace, and strength they never knew existed. The encouragement received from each other is combined with clear teaching from God’s Word to help people take steps in their recovery journey. These groups are entirely confidential.

If you have any questions please contact Jo Roscoe.


Monday nights from 8-9pm | Second Floor Conference Room

If you or someone you know is battling unhealthy behaviors or causing pain and loss related to substance abuse, consider being a part of The Harbor’s  recovery group.

This group helps people deal with chemical dependency including alcohol, drugs, and prescription drugs.

Contact Kevin Pate for more information.

Contact Kevin


Tuesday Nights at 6pm

This group provides prayer and support for women whose children have been arrested and are incarcerated or on probation.

Contact Susan Earle for more information.

Contact Susan


If you or someone you know has recently lost a loved one and needs help in navigating the grief process, check out The Harbor’s Grief Share Group. This is a recovery group where you can find help and healing for the hurt of losing a loved one.

Contact David Miller for more information.

Contact David

Embrace Grace

Embrace Grace is a ministry for anyone single and pregnant. It is a place to connect with others in similar circumstances and to be inspired, encouraged and hope filled through an awesome support system.

For more information contact Embrace Grace or call Amber Cole (832-877-3644)

Contact Embrace Grace