Prayer Matters!

Have you considered that God may be waiting for you to talk with Him? And He with you?

Prayer begins with God. He made us, and He invites us to be with Him and communicate with Him.

Yet, many of us feel we don’t know how to pray. We feel uncomfortable with it. We may think others pray ‘better’ than us. Or that God will listen to others more than to us.

But God just wants us to come to Him. To be with Him. And through the provision He’s made in Jesus, we can!

The Harbor prayer ministry exists to encourage and challenge our church to align with Jesus’ words in Matthew 21:13 – “My house shall be called a house of prayer for all peoples.” It is by prayer that all other work of the church is led, supported, and empowered. Prayer matters!

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We believe that the work of the church is first and foremost prayer, by which all work is led, empowered, and supported.
Matthew 7:7-8; Philippians 4:6; 1 John 5:14-15

How to engage in prayer at The Harbor

Request Prayer

We would love to pray with you and for you! (All prayer requests are kept confidential.)

  • Sundays after both services – there is an After-Service Prayer Team up front that will pray with you
  • Text Prayer Requests –  Save 281-388-3533 in your phone’s contacts as “Text Prayer Requests at The Harbor”, then text us directly anytime you need prayer. If you text during our Sunday morning services, a team that is gathered in prayer will pray for you immediately. Text us back to let us know your prayers were answered!
  • Email Prayer Requests can be made by clicking the button above
  • Request prayer by filling out the Sunday program tear-off and placing it in the offering basket or leaving it at the Information Kiosk in the lobby
Corporate Prayer Gatherings

Come join us as we pray to the Living God, praising Him, yielding ourselves to Him, asking for His will to be done and promises to be fulfilled, and asking for His Holy Spirit to invade our ministries.

  • Sundays 8:15-8:50 AM in the Cry Room off the main lobby
  • Sundays during both services
  • Summit Events (Back to School, Top 3, and others)
Prayer Room

Engage with God during the week in our new Prayer Room!

  • Open during the week 8:30 AM-4PM, 2nd Floor. No appointment or RSVP necessary to use room
  • To request a pastor to pray with you, click the “Contact Justin Baldwin” button below
Have a desire to pray for others?

Consider joining one of our prayer teams! Click here to apply

  • After-Service Prayer Team
    This team receives men and women after either the 9:30am or 11:00am services who would like to be lifted to the Lord in prayer. Join us for lunch on Sunday, March 3rd, at 12:15pm, in The Foundry to find out more about this team!
  • During-Service Prayer Team
    This team gathers during either the 9:30am or 11:00am worship service to intercede on behalf of all present in the building.
  • E-Prayer Team
    This team lifts up the church during the week, individually.

NOTE: The Sunday 8:15 AM Prayer Gathering, Summit Events, and Prayer Room are open to all and do not require application.

Have a question? Contact Justin Baldwin below.

Contact Justin Baldwin
We believe that every Christ follower is called to a vibrant prayer life. Further, we believe that God deposited various and specific spiritual gifts in each person, such that the body of Christ is complete in terms of the work that the church is collectively called to accomplish.
1 Corinthians 12

We also offer an opportunity to sign up as an individual or an entire small group, to pray with great detail for the church, the staff, our ministries and our local communities.  We provide a detailed six-day guided prayer devotional to pray from.

Click the link below to sign up for a given week to pray for The Harbor through our Church-wide Prayer Devotional.

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